Koo Bikes started life a few years after establishing our high street store Cogs Bikes in 2006. Cogs Bikes is our Plymouth City Centre based bike shop offering a wide range of products suiting all cycling disciplines, from leisure through to competition. In early 2010 we decided that a new forward thinking online store was needed, powered by customer service and providing a great place to browse products in an intelligent way. The company ethos from the start has focused on customer care, which we feel is one of the most important aspects in the cycling industry. Our enthusiastic and experienced staff are the backbone of everything that goes on
Photo Bob Bogdan Williams - www.bobbogdanwilliams.com
Since Koo Bikes launched in 2010, the company values have stayed the same and always will. Whether it’s our super fast shipping, 365 day return policy, money back on every purchase or simply the wealth of information we continue to provide. Our customers continue to grow and we love to reward them! As a team of passionate and experience riders ourselves, we feel we understand our crowd and are able to give the right information and support. The growing Koo family shares the same love of riding and passion for what we do at work
Photo Bob Bogdan Williams - www.bobbogdanwilliams.com The Koo Bikes website is a rider’s browsing machine, we weigh literally every product, and offer multiple searching filters. Every user can search by colour, weight, size and even material, so you can pin point that red titanium seat clamp weighing less than 20g! This also includes all clothing, no matter if it’s a different colour or size, everything gets weighed, without the packaging, so you get a true 'on the bike' weight. We don’t do things by halves!
We also have an ongoing series of videos, stepping through key features of products, giving the customer a better idea of what exactly it is they are buying, and what some of the manufacturer jargon means! We hope to build a relationship with our customer, keeping in contact with them, letting them know all the latest news and special offers through our blog, newsletters and social media platforms
Photo Bob Bogdan Williams - www.bobbogdanwilliams.com Being offered a chance to get involved with the Gawton Gravity Hub is a great for us. We have always been very keen to support local events and organisations, but this long term involvement is a great chance to give something back to the local riding community. We see the partnership very much as a two way relationship, and want to help Gawton Gravity Hub in every way we can. We feel everyone can benefit, resulting in Koo-Bikes getting their name out, but more importantly see the club grow into its full potential. We see a bright future ahead, and with the recent developments, it is certainly looking that way, and we are excited to get things going...!